1. Duncan Family Photos

    02 Dec 2014
    This wonderful family is reason I love photography. Seriously cute, silly, perfectly photogenic little girls. Thank you Kelly for the wonderful session!

  2. Hanna’s Cake Smash

    17 Nov 2014
    I met Hanna’s mom through our older daughter’s dance class and we have become fast friends. I was so excited when she asked me to do a cake smash for Hanna’s first birthday. We had so much fun! It was hilarious watching little Hanna wonder what to do with the…

  3. Smith Family Session

    02 Nov 2014
    Photographing this family was kinda like deja vu. The kids are similar ages to mine and are just as silly and crazy and camera shy! Despite that we were able to capture some really amazing moments. We were so lucky that we were able to sneak in a session before…

  4. Rowan Family Session

    27 Oct 2014
    Thank you Melanie and family for such a perfect session at Fish Creek Park last weekend. We had a gorgeous sunny day, smiling girls and perfect fall leaves. These guys made my job so easy!

  5. Yvonne Choe Studio

    26 Oct 2014
    When I started taking photos of our first daughter 4 1/2 years ago I tacked blankets to the wall behind our bed and made due with our very basic point and shoot. With our second child I clipped blankets to foam core propped up in the office (where I could…

  6. Collison/ Mattock Family Photos

    24 Oct 2014
    It was so great to meet Kristy and her family at Fish Creek Park last weekend. They were referred by her sister in law, Jen, whose family I have photographed several times over the last year. The weather was perfect and I think we caught the last great fall weekend…

  7. Wallace Fall Photos

    22 Oct 2014
    I was out in Chestermere again for another session with the Wallace family. These boys are so silly and fun - their poor little sister doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into! Tarnia made a great choice for an early evening session. The lake and the colours late in the…

  8. Zjalic Family Session

    21 Oct 2014
    Another gorgeous day at Edworthy Park with the Zjalic family. These guys were such a pleasure to photograph. The kids had so much fun climbing trees, playing in the leaves and throwing rocks in the river. They even said they were having fun! Not something I hear often from kids…

  9. Abercrombie Family Session

    19 Oct 2014
    I was so happy to do photos for my good friend Heidi and her family. We have become close friends over the past couple of years and I love that our kids play so great together. This was my first session at Confederation Park - the colours were gorgeous and…

  10. Dorey Family Photos

    17 Oct 2014
    I’ve known this wonderful family since our kids were born. We were so lucky when they moved into our neighbourhood and now we spend countless hours together. Our kids are best buddies (most of the time) and we have become close friends. We did a session last fall at Edworthy…

  11. Altadore Renovation

    13 Oct 2014
    I’m so excited to share this blog post! While many of my clients and friends know me as an aspiring photographer, I’m actually a registered Architect. Yep, I spent a lot of my life in University building models and drawing all day. I spent a lot of years in the…

  12. Stephanson Family Session

    12 Oct 2014
    I met Greg and Britt in prenatal class with our first children over four years ago. Now we have become great friends and our girls are best buddies. We did a session this spring downtown at the Peace Bridge and Prince’s Island Park but decided to head south this fall…

  13. Mattock Family Session

    08 Oct 2014
    I met Jennifer and Ben at my very first maternity session last fall at Edworthy Park. I had so much fun meeting Logan and capturing his sweet smiles. Then we met again for baby A’s newborn session and here we are one year later. What a sweet little boy with…

  14. Lodhar Family Session

    03 Oct 2014
    I absolutely love photographing this family. I did baby M’s newborn photos and here she is at nine months. So cute and finally smiling for me! Amanda does an amazing job preparing for these sessions and we always have so much fun! Even the boys looked like they were having…

  15. Black Family Session

    01 Oct 2014
    I really can’t get enough of Edworthy Park. It is so pretty in the fall! Thanks to Denise for a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and to her three beautiful children. We had lots of fun wondering through the park and even managed to coax out a few genuine smiles…

  16. Switzer Family Session

    25 Sep 2014
    I think this may be one of my favourite families! Thank you Jesse and Christy for a lovely morning at the park!

  17. Collins Family Session

    23 Sep 2014
    This was an amazing session at the Edworthy dog park with Calgary’s fall season in full colour. Who knew it was so beautiful up there?! The Collins family and I had a great time exploring the park and capturing memories with their beloved boxer Molson. Thank you all for a…

  18. Baby Kitchen

    16 Sep 2014
    Can you believe this little guy is four weeks old? I usually recommend to my clients to book a newborn session within the first 10 days after birth so the baby is still sleepy and mouldable. I expected this session to be a whole lot of awake baby and flailing…

  19. Baby Shaefer

    03 Sep 2014
    Thank you Tova and Clark for letting me sneak in baby snuggles with little Rowan during our newborn session. We had wonderful light, a baby that slept like crazy (after a little convincing) and a big sister that even sat still for a few frames!

  20. Baby McClymont

    24 Aug 2014
    It was so wonderful to meet this lovely family and photograph their new addition. Little Bridget was an angel for her newborn session. We even managed to capture a couple photos of both her and her busy big sister Hazel in the same frame!

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