Altadore Renovation

I’m so excited to share this blog post! While many of my clients and friends know me as an aspiring photographer, I’m actually a registered Architect. Yep, I spent a lot of my life in University building models and drawing all day. I spent a lot of years in the corporate world drawing all day as well. So while photography is a passion of mine, design and the creation of space is what I know and love.

With the decision to stay home with my girls, architecture was pretty much out of the question. There are not a lot of firms out there looking for part time working moms - it’s usually all or nothing. I considered the idea of going out on my own, however where were the clients? Who would give me work? I just needed that one project to get me started…

In comes I Know a Guy Renovations! Jesse and Christy Switzer invited me to do the design on a renovation project in Altadore and a great relationship was born! Finally, my first project as Yvonne Choe Design! So here it is. We had an amazing client and for our first project together, things went really smoothly! It is so amazing to see it complete and with such a beautiful level of craftsmanship. Jesse and his team really know what they are doing.

The project was a complete ensuite reno and partial kitchen redo (the cabinets remained). We went with a clean, modern look with a bit of warmth in both spaces.

Stay tuned for the next project reveal!


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